The Best Drum Stick Bags – Bag it Up!

Sometimes in the world of music, there is equipment which doesn’t get protected like it should, and things that get overlooked. A lot of people forget drum stick bags and don’t realize how useful they really can be, especially considering how cheap an investment they really are. Even the very best stick bags aren’t going to cost a lot of money, but their benefits are pretty sizeable for drummers.

It may not be the most exciting topic, but there are certain things you should take a little time considering if you are taking your drumming seriously, and protecting your sticks is vital, especially if you are a professional or have aspirations of making a career out of your drumming. There are certain different factors which make drum stick bags stand out, and these are what you should consider when making your purchase. Fortunately, we have provided a buying guide and some recommended models to make sure you have a strong idea of which drumstick bag is going to be the one for you.

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The Best Models Stick Bag Reviewed


Meinl Percussion MSB-1

The Meinl Percussion MSB-1 is very similar in a lot of ways to the Vic Firth model. The features are very similar but it is a slightly more affordable option. The main compromise is the material. This isn’t made of leather but it is still pretty robust and has a lot of rave reviews. Many drummers both professional and amateur alike use this, and some have found that it can even help with larger mallets, brushes and other drum accessories. Indeed, it does have additional pockets for putting your sheet music, accessories and anything else you want to take with you.

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A detachable shoulder strap means you can sling this over your shoulder when you’re done with gigging or rehearsal. Tom hooks also mean that you can attach these to the bottom of your toms within easy grasp whenever you need replacement sticks or a different type of stick while you’re playing.

Something I know will appeal to a lot of people is the fact that this stick bag has a load of different designs, so you can get something that isn’t just a boring block of color and turn it into a fashion accessory too.

With plenty of pockets and space, a durable design and ease of carrying, the Meinl Percussion range of drumstick bags do an exceptional job for the price, and if you are looking for value for money then you may well have found it. The recommendations and reviews from other consumers on Amazon and elsewhere are very impressive.

Stagg DS04 Nylon Drumstick Bag

With virtually any musical product you can rely on Stagg to come up with a budget range of products, and drum accessories are no different. Their Nylon Drumstick bag is great for those on a budget who want to get some degree of protection for their sticks without splashing the cash.

This does not have a shoulder strap, and being made out of Nylon with some good padding it is a pretty decent option but no more than that. No fancy design, no amazing protection, and no comfy carrying strap, but it does have the basic features many people are looking for, so it could be worth your consideration.

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Vic Firth Stick Bag

Vic Firth manufactures some awesome drum accessories and products whether you’re a professional or a beginner. The Vic Firth drumstick bag is extremely sturdy and well made and has some brilliant reviews out there. It holds 24 sticks so is very spacious and can virtually guarantee the safety of your drum sticks. If you play electronic drums your sticks will likely last even longer!. Features include:

  • Capacity for 24 drum sticks.
  • Sturdy, vinyl material which is not only extremely rugged and tough but is totally waterproof.
  • Both internal and external pockets, some of which are big enough to hold sheet music should you need to.
  • Retractable clips so you can suspend this from wherever you need to during performances.
  • Detachable shoulder strap so it is optional if you carry this over your shoulder, or you can take the strap off just during performances.

With capacity for a lot of sticks and mallets and the ultimate in durability, the Vic Firth bag is definitely one of the best models we’ve seen, but it does come with a bit of a hefty price tag. If you aren’t on a tight budget then you will get a lot of protection from this bag and it is worth the extra money, but there are cheaper options out there if you need to save a few bucks.

Zildjian Session Drumstick Bag

Unusually for Zildjian, a lot of their offerings in terms of Drumstick bags aren’t the best out their. Their budget range is a little on the flimsy side, but the Zildjian Session drumstick bag is much more spacious and high quality.

Just like the other top models, this has a shoulder strap and clips to set it up on your kit. As well as that, the finish and look of the Zildjian session is great. It is a ‘leather look’, and though synthetic it is exceptionally sturdy with a classy looking carry handle.

With plenty of room for drums and mallets, and the fact that you can add yet another piece of kit with the Zildjian logo on it to your drum setup, this drum stick holder does a brilliant job of keeping everything safe and secure in one spot.

Mounting and Using Your Bag

If you do have one of the stick bags that can be mounted on your kit (most on this list fit the bill) then the following video has some great tips for getting it set up and making the most of your bag.

Choosing Your Drum Stick Bag

When finding the products we wanted to recommend to our readers we assessed a few different criteria.

  • Material. There is no point in making something to protect your drum sticks out of flimsy materials which leave them vulnerable to being snapped when they come into contact with your snare drum head. Poor quality sticks can easily be broken.
  • Size. If you’re a pro drummer, then one of the basic bags which only has space for a few different drum sticks may not be enough. You may need lots of different sticks, plenty of spares and even brushes and more, so finding a professional bag which accommodates more sticks of different shapes and sizes might be what you need. Larger models are sometimes called ‘concert drum stick bags’ or may be referred to as ‘mallet bags’.
  • Attachments, zips, and fasteners. This is where things can get cool. A lot of drum bags are built to help not only traveling to and from gigs and practices but also to help drummers whilst on stage. Features of these bags can include straps for shoulders and even clips and connectors to clip these onto a stand or drum and ensure your drums are easy to reach while you’re on stage, making them the perfect performance companions by doubling as drum stick holders. Some bags can even be attached to your cymbal bag, or are sold with them, to further help with your transportation of drums.
  • Design. There are some very cool designs out there! You can add a bit of your own taste and style by finding a cool design of drum stick bag to suit you and your band.


With a little bit of research and experience, it is easy to see why a stick bag is essential. If you are drumming in a band with ambitious percussion, you may need different styles of stick, mallets, brushes and more, and having somewhere you know they will be safe and organized is vital. Simply throwing your drum gear in the tour bus or your car isn’t going to do the business and leaves you liable to breakages.

Just like the guitarists who buy a $1000 guitar and connect it to an amp with a $3 cable, having a good set of drum sticks without protecting them and transporting them properly is not an option. For a relatively small investment you can give yourself peace of mind with the above holders, bags and cases.

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