Best Two-Tier Keyboard Stands (and Three Tier Stands)

two tier keyboard stand

One Keyboard is never enough, right? If you’re a musician and are gigging and recording you will know the need for multiple instruments. The best two-tier keyboard stands allow you to stack a couple of different instruments, so you can have a different combination of synths, keyboards and midi controllers. We are also looking at the best three-tier stands in this article too as many of us simply don’t stop at two.

Keyboard stands come in many different shapes, sizes, designs, and prices. In fact, it can be a bit of a minefield choosing which is best. We’ve taken a look at the required features as well as other keyboard stand reviews in order to come to conclusions on the overall best and the top cheap options too for those of us on a tight budget.

What to Look For in a Tiered Keyboard Stand

There is a certain set of criteria we’re looking at when trying to choose a stand. We need to consider the pros and cons of each model. You might think that a keyboard stand doesn’t have a lot of different variations, but you’d be mistaken, there are different designs and features as well as some staples we look for when choosing the top models.

  • Stability. This is possibly the most important of all the criteria for two-tiered or three-tiered stands. It has to be stable enough to hold multiple instruments without you fearing collapse or damage to your instruments. You may have expensive digital pianos, synths or keyboards and damage to them would be disastrous.
  • Portability. The chances are you will want to use this in more than one location. In order to do this, you need a model which is easy to carry from place to place and doesn’t need a lot of construction. For a double keyboard stand, this can be tough.
  • Playability. There are some very clever designs on the market which take into account the most important thing, playing the instruments. Some musicians can even play two at once, and it is vitally important to be able to switch between keyboards with ease. Annoying and difficult designs aren’t as intuitive.
  • Price. This is always something to consider. Although it isn’t worth buying a flimsy stand and risking damage to your keys, looking for value for money is only sensible and has been taken into account in our keyboard stand reviews.
  • Expandability. Many stands are expandable, you can add or take away tiers or even add other attachments. This can be really useful for multi-instrumentalists.

Two Tier Keyboard Stand Reviews

Quik Lok T-22 Keyboard Stand

Quik Lok stands are designed for a lot of gigging and live use and are very portable. The T-22 is one of a few different two tier stands they offer. There are some really smart design ideas here.

  • Quickly and easily adjust to different heights and positions with 9 different settings.
  • Rotating feet designed for stability and sturdiness even on uneven floors and surfaces.
  • Computer welded joints which are designed to last for many years without issue.
  • Two tiers, with the top tier great for a second keyboard, synth or even as a music stand.

This is easy to assemble and adjust keyboard stand. It doesn’t cost a huge amount and can be a good option for home studios and for gigging. The “X” design isn’t the most sturdy there is, but considering this it is very well made with quality materials and is very unlikely to cause any issues with your equipment. Quik Lok is a quality brand and this lives up to the standards we’ve grown to expect.

On-Stage KS7365EJ 2-Tier Stand

This is a “Z” shaped stand. Named for obvious reasons. The Z shaped design adds a huge amount of stability and this is one of the most rugged, hard-wearing stands you could hope to buy. The manufacturers advertise this as a heavy-duty stand and it is easy to see why.

In spite of its exceptional build quality, it is amazingly portable and even folds totally flat, making this a superb option for touring and gigs as well as being strong enough to use in a studio. The video below shows how to put up this stand and how straightforward it is to put together.

Other Features of the On-Stage KS7365EJ Include:

  • The second tier is totally removable, if you only need space for one keyboard you can easily take it off.
  • Suitable for keyboards from 55 keys all the way up to 88 keys, simple to extend and adjust to the right length.
  • Easily portable and adjustable.

This is a bit more of a heavy duty model than the quick lok and is worth the extra money it may cost.

Best Three Tier Keyboard Stand

Quik Lok QL-723 Pro Series Heavy Duty Keyboard “X” Stand

Quik Lok makes the list again, this time with a very heavy-duty product. This is another X design of stand and though expensive, it is full of great features.

  • Totally adjustable third tier with tilt and height adjustments.
  • Simple “push to adjust” button allowing you to quickly change the height and other settings.
  • Extremely durable and hard wearing with reinforced X-shape design.
  • Folds flat for simple transportation.

If you have a need for three tier stand this will handle all sorts of keyboards and synthesizers. Whether you’ll be standing or sitting at your stand, this works perfectly. The build quality is faultless and you can comfortably switch between all three instruments with ease.

Adding Tiers

Many people choose to simply add tiers as they add to their collection. If you have a durable enough stand to start with you can simply add another tier. These clip onto your existing stand and can easily create a two tier stand. Some are very good quality, I recommend the On Stage KSA7500 Second Tier which has a tilted design making it easy to play multiple instruments. If you have a good quality single keyboard stand, doubling up by just buying a second tier can be an economical way of doing things.


Different musicians have different needs in almost every single way, that’s why there are so many music products available. Making the correct choice means doing a little research, but the models mentioned in this product won’t see you far wrong. Multiple tiers for keyboard stands are becoming more popular, and more of these stands are being made. If you have any experience with stands and wish to leave a message or further our reviews with your own opinions, write a comment below.

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