How Many Frets Are on a Guitar? Music FAQs

guitar frets

How many frets are on a guitar? One of those beginner questions you are almost embarrassed to ask when getting started as you assume the answer will be an obvious one, but the truth is that there is no specific amount of frets that a guitar has to have. Different brands of guitar and the models in their range incorporate different amounts of frets which are collected on the fretboard part of the guitar.

With that said, the vast majority of guitars have between 21 and 24 Frets. The frets are divided by the 12 semitones, so after the 12th, the notes will repeat on each string (just one octave higher). 22 Fret and 24 Fret guitars are the most common.

Classical guitars, in most instances, have 19 Frets, but rules are there to be broken and there are exceptions.

Acoustic and electric guitars have been created with up to 27 Frets. In these instances, there is likely to be a cutaway under the fretboard to allow you to reach the highest notes whilst fretting that would otherwise be blocked by the guitar.

There is no hard rule here, only patterns that have emerged from decades of producing guitars. Not every guitar even has frets! Frets are there to be a guide, and if you start exploring the world of microtones you will find a world with even more frets.

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