Finding the Best Pop Filter for the Blue Yeti Microphone

For those of you who work with audio recording regularly, or aspire to do so, and even for those of you who have your own podcasts or use microphones for work, a pop filter might be necessary. That’s what we’re discussing today! We are going to look into pop filters and I am going to show you which ones might complement your Blue Yeti Microphone the best. That way, you can have smooth recordings you can be proud of.

The Blue Yeti is one of the most popular microphones out there today, offering pro quality at great prices as well as USB functionality. Blue is a brand of microphones who have a great reputation of revolutionizing the world of USB microphones, and the Yeti is their best-selling model.

What is a Pop Filter?

I want to start by covering the basics that some people may be unsure of. Those of you who might not know are definitely wondering; “what exactly is a pop filter?”

A pop filter, also known as a pop shield, is actually a noise protection filter that is placed over microphones and they’re common in professional recording studios. The purpose of pop filters is to reduce or eliminate those ‘popping’ sounds that are caused by fast-moving air that hits the microphone when something is being recorded. It can also help to avoid lots of other unwanted sounds that can interrupt the quality of your audio like background noises. A pop filter also serves to keep saliva from accumulating on the microphone.

Now let’s delve into the best pop filters for the Blue Yeti!

It’s not an easy thing to find the perfect musical equipment, which includes the pop filters. Having the right one is very important for the quality of your recordings, so you don’t want to make your choice of what to buy on a whim. You’ll want to analyze your options carefully and find the best quality within your budget. All of the options below offer something different but are good options for the Blue Yeti.

Auphonix 6-inch Pop Filter

This one is a great choice! You’ll be grateful for the Auphonix 6-inch Pop Filter’s quality, durability and top of the line sound reproduction. It is also one of the more affordable picks, which makes it a good call for beginners. The fact that it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality features such as a single clamp that will protect your Blue Yeti Microphone from any nasty sounds getting in whatsoever. This pop filter was designed and constructed to be sturdy and also flexible, so it’s one of the top choices out there at the price range.

Neewer NW(B-3)

Neewer is a brand who offer a lot of audio and visual products at very good prices, and they tend to be pretty sturdy and decent quality. They have camera gear too and audio isn’t their only range. This is a case of getting what you pay for, and though it is decent quality, it probably isn’t quite up there with some of the other products. If you just want something basic and affordable though, this is a good product to at least consider.

The Auphonix 4-inch Pop Filter

The little brother of the six inch pop shield from the same brand, this is yet another great option for both amateurs and the more experienced and professional users. It’s also on the more affordable side, and you’ll get great quality for your money. This one is specifically and flawlessly conceived for the Blue Yeti Microphone and it adjusts both simply and smoothly. You won’t need to do anything extra to keep it in place because it’s made with the design of the Blue Yeti mic in mind. The Auphonix Filter’s mesh is made out of wire and it also makes use of foam; this allows the pop filter to control the noise perfectly!

Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter

This pop shield is made to suit multiple “Blue” mics. That means it’s perfect for both the amateur and the more experienced users. The Blue Pop is one of the best long-lasting, adaptable and practical pop filters. It’s very easy to use and it also finds itinlf on the more affordable price range. You’ll get a lot of quality for very little money! It is definitely flexible and is one of those pop filters that adjust effortlessly to lots of different USB microphones, not just the Blue Yeti.

Dragonpad USA Pop Filter

Another great pop shield that could be a great option for beginners. It’s also a great option for your wallets too! Even at a very affordable price, you get high-quality features such as protection from unwanted sounds and it guarantees accuracy even though it filters out sibilance. The Dragonpad comes with a windscreen and a very flexible mount great for desks and studio spaces alike. This type of mount makes the pop filters a lot easy to use. This is also a very versatile pop shield thanks to its 360° gooseneck holder that allows for flexibility of recording direction.


There you have it! These top 5 choices will make your decision that much easier. Each of them will serve their purpose and you’ll be getting great quality for reasonable prices. Make your choice based on what you need for your recording projects and the models we’ve mentioned won’t see those horrible popping sounds creeping into your recordings.

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