Why Do Some Drummers Wear Gloves? Music FAQs

Whether you’re a drummer, an aspiring drummer or just a little curious, we’re explaining in this article why a lot of drummers choose to wear gloves.

In very rare circumstances this may be due to the fact that they’re cold, or even as a fashion statement, but drummers aren’t known for being susceptible to the climate nor are they often fashion conscious, so its likely that their gloves are for other reasons.

Unfortunately, drumming can take a toll on your hands, especially if you are practicing for a long time or relentlessly gigging. There’s nothing wrong with having to wear gloves to avoid the blisters and dry skin that many drummers experience on a very regular basis. Many of us have come across a drummer at some point whose hands bleed. This can be from playing very hard (rock on) or it can come from skin getting dry and cracked. Similarly to wearing gloves to play golf in, gloves for drumming can be nothing short of a godsend.

There are some models of gloves designed specifically for drumming, but it is worth trying gloves that may not specifically be for drumming (biking gloves are a good alternative) to keep your hands in good condition.

Some people also think that drumming gloves can help with your grip. If you swear excessively, for instance, it may be that you need something to avoid your hands becoming slippery.

This isn’t a fad. Some drummers such in bands such as AC/DC wear gloves, and top brands in the world of drumming such as Vic Firth and Zildjian have entered the market with their own models of drumming gloves designed to do the perfect job of protecting your hands and enhancing your drumming.

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