5 Most Comfortable Guitar Straps – Putting Comfort First!

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In this article, we’ve taken some time to look at the most comfortable guitar straps for electric, bass, and acoustic guitars.

Ask any aspiring guitarist what they want to feel when playing, and comfort is pretty low on the list of priorities. However, this is one of the challenges of playing guitar, and carrying your instrument around with you often for hours at a time can be harsh on the back and the shoulders. This is especially true if you have a heavy guitar!

If you’ve struggled with the all-too-familiar guitarist’s plight of feeling sore and uncomfortable when you’re wearing your axe, you will know exactly why we are writing this article. Some guitars are heavy, especially bass guitars or larger electric guitars.

Our recommended model is the KLIQ AirCell padded guitar strap. Keep reading for our full review or head straight to the product here

It might seem very basic, but the truth is there are a few things to consider when choosing which is the best guitar strap for keeping you feeling comfy and enjoying your playing:

  • Material. Believe it or not, the material can sometimes be a part of the problem, and some guitar straps are pretty heavy on their own. It may not seem like much to add a few extra lbs, but over time it can start to wear you down. We need durable guitar straps, but that doesn’t mean they have to be made out of chainmail!
  • Reliability. You can have the most comfortable guitar strap in the world, but it might be made out of wool and break after three minutes. We need something reliable and hard-wearing as well as comfy.
  • Reviews. As always, it is worth checking out other reviews and seeing what people are saying about the guitar strap. In the modern age of the internet and Amazon reviews, no poorly made product can escape being called out!
  • Price. The guitar is an expensive enough hobby, nobody wants to buy a strap that costs $400.

With all of that in mind, let’s move on to the product reviews.

Comfy Guitar Strap Reviews

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KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap for Bass & Electric Guitar – Best Padded Guitar Strap

Wow. What a clever product the KLIQ AirCell strap is. This is a brand which has clearly thought long and hard about how they can add comfort to the guitar strap. The clever air cells on the underside of the guitar strap provide extra padding without extra weight, and brilliantly cushions your shoulder. The strap is also deliberately wide, this is to ensure that the weight being carried is equally distributed and not focused on one area which can also be painful.

Leather ends mean a durable finish, and the fact that this is a fully adjustable strap means that most sizes of guitarist will have no problems getting it to fit right. The technology built into this product even claims to avoid sweat building up, which can be another contributing factor to awkward straps.

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One look at the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere online will tell you what you need to know. This truly is one of the best straps you can buy. Even the heaviest of guitars, Les Pauls, bass guitars, resonators, and other guitars will feel so much better with this on.

The only arguable downside is the cost. This is certainly not the cheapest comfy strap there is, but the fact that it is so durable and well made mean that if you can afford it, the KLIQ Aircell is worth considering. It can accompany you to gigs for many years if you treat it right.

Neotech Mega Strap

For those who want to spend a little less, the Neotech Mega Strap is a good compromise. It still offers some very good features but is a bit more affordable. The clever material this is made of means that your instrument feels 50% lighter when you are wearing it, so it certainly does the job for those struggling with the weight of their guitar.

As well as adjustable lengths, there are five different sizes of Neotech mega strap, so you can buy one which is approximately right for your frame and then adjust it further once you set it up on your guitar. Whatever size you are, this strap can be perfect for you.

A double layer of foam gives both the effect of cushioning and helps to wick away any sweat that can be making you less comfortable whilst playing. The design is patented so you won’t find another product quite like the Neotech!

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Phorcs Guitar Strap with Genuine Leather End

We have to admit, this isn’t a brand we had heard of before, but the Phorcs guitar strap has done a very good job for a modest price tag. It is made out of thickened cotton, designed to spread and take the weight of your instrument to avoid it digging in and hurting your back or shoulders. As well as this, it has well-made leather ends which fit perfectly onto guitars and keep them sturdy. This can also be used on basses, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins. You name it, the Phorc strap will probably do a good job holding it up.

It isn’t quite up there with some of the products we’ve already mentioned, and the technology isn’t as advanced in the material, but if your guitar isn’t the heaviest and you just want something with a nicer material or feel to it than the strap you are using, this strap can do a good job.

LEKATO Bass Strap for Electric Guitar & Bass

The Lekato is marketed as a bass guitar strap but it can be used for either bass or electric guitars. It has even been successfully used with acoustic guitars, banjos, and keytars. It’s designed to spread the weight of the instrument so it puts less pressure on your shoulder.

It’s made out of memory foam, which can mold to the shape of your shoulder. It won’t rub or cause unneeded friction. 

As well as being made out of a soft material, it is three inches wide. This spreads the weight evenly. If you are playing a heavy instrument you don’t want a thin strap digging into you. Over a long gig, you’ll be glad you went for something like the Lekato.

This comfy strap is easily adjustable. You can make sure that it sits at just the right level for it to be comfortable for you to strum and pick your guitar. The length can be set to anywhere between 45 and 55 inches. It’s super simple to adjust.

This strap gives great value for money, and even comes with some free guitar picks to add to the value.

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Gibson Montana Comfort – Comfortable Guitar Strap for Acoustic Guitar

It’s not called Montana Comfort for nothing! Gibson is a brand with a really rich history and some brilliant guitars and guitar accessories, so their strap is bound to offer quality.

The Montana doesn’t disappoint. As well as looking great with a tan finish, this product has a lot of memory foam padding to go with its sturdy, leather core. This is an adjustable guitar strap but a few players who are slightly taller have reported it not quite being long enough to suit their tastes. This is only a problem if you are over six feet, and even then it depends on how you hold your guitar.

I would imagine the Gibson Montana design to be something people either love or hate. It wouldn’t look out of place in an old bar from a Western! There’s no arguing with the quality of this product though and if memory foam is your thing then definitely put this on your shortlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Guitar Straps Matter?

When you start off your guitar journey, the strap that comes with your guitar will be fine to get you started. Eventually, a strap can be vitally important to your comfort and stability.

If you are learning how to play the guitar then playing standing up isn’t your top priority. However, eventually, you will want to learn how to play with a strap.

Poor-quality straps can even jeopardize the guitar itself. If it comes unclipped or can’t support your heavy Les Paul or bass guitar, then it might cause you to drop the guitar. It’s amazing how often people choose an expensive guitar and use cheap accessories.

How Do I Stop My Guitar Strap From Slipping?

If your guitar strap is constantly slipping it can cause a rubbing or chaffing. This is another way in which guitar straps can be uncomfortable. To stop this, you should ensure you get a strap made out of the right materials. Memory foam is perfect, it doesn’t tend to slip around too much on your shoulder.

If you want even more security you can use something like “guitar gummy” or “strap gummy” which cleverly keeps your guitar in place.



Most guitar accessories are quite a unique choice to each guitarist, and the look and feel of the guitar strap should be down to personal preference. That said, if you are looking for the most comfortable straps out there, all of the products we’ve mentioned here are right up there with the best for avoiding annoying back strains or your strap digging into your shoulder, something no instrumentalist needs while trying to concentrate.

If you have any other opinions or experience of using guitar straps for either electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass, whether ones we’ve mentioned here or other products from other manufacturers, drop us a comment below!

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