4 Best Hi Hat Stands for Your Drum Kit Reviewed

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Even the biggest drum lovers out there aren’t likely to get excited by hi hat stands, but the purpose they serve is absolutely vital. If you have a flimsy and unreliable stand then it can affect your playing ability or mean having to shell out for a replacement. Getting the choice right and finding the best hi hat stand for your own individual needs is nothing short of vital.

We know you would rather be shopping for a new snare or even some great drum heads, but before you can get those extras sorted it is vital to get the fundamentals down, and that means a sturdy base for your kit. Including the right stands.

At first glance, it can seem like there isn’t much to think about here, but the opposite is true. There are plenty of hat stand considerations! The stands often come with pedals and this mechanism is actually a key component of how you play. These pedals are a part of your drumming technique so you need something that works effectively.

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On top of this, you need to consider things like how hard-wearing and rugged the stand is. There is no point in buying one that is going to need to be replaced quickly or worse, gives up on you mid-performance. Another thing to think about is that many drummers have to pack up their kit and transport it to gigs and practices, so like to keep it light if possible. A heavy set of stands will add to the load you are transporting.

Best Hi Hat Stands – Reviews and Features

Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand

We’re starting with one of the very top models here! A brilliantly rugged and clever design from Pearl, prolific drum manufacturers.

Excellent features include swiveling legs, these are perfect for positioning exactly where you want and staying out of the way of other pedals such as a double bass drum pedal. The legs also come with rubber tips designed to avoid slipping around.

Many reviewers of the Pearl H930 have talked about the absolutely brilliant, sturdy construction. The fact that it is such a well-built stand at such a good price means it is the preferred option for loads of drummers. Its rugged design is further proved by the fact that the manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty.

With a smooth chain drive action and a very smart tripod design, the average reviews of this stand will tell you all you need to know. Well worth considering for beginners and professionals alike. A stand very unlikely to let you down.

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Gibraltar 5707

When talking about drum stands, drum racks, and other hardware it is almost inevitable that Gibraltar comes into the discussion. A brilliant brand offering some very effective (and affordable) stands. We’d probably go so far as to call this the best cheap hi hat stand out there. Cheap is subjective, of course, but the 5707 is a fraction of the price of many of the competitors but does a very good job in spite of this.

This features a double-braced base with Gibraltar’s own rubber feet to avoid slipping and make sure the hi-hat stays stable. Gibraltar strives for ‘nothing but options’ and like to make their products adjustable. As such, there is a simple to use height adjuster so you can easily set this up in a way that is most comfortable and easy for you to play.

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A very natural feeling mechanism and “liquid drive” for a really great, intuitive feel mean that this product has been met with some very positive reviews, with people noting just how affordable it is without being lacking in features, or feeling flimsy or amateur. If you’re trying to find something that doesn’t break the bank but is fairly sturdy, the 5707 is worth a look.

It is also worth noting that there is a lighter (and even cheaper) alternative. Gibraltar’s 4707 does a fine job too, but is made to be a little bit lighter and more straightforward to transport. Worth a look if you are going to be carrying it around, gigging or touring.

DW Drum Workshop CP5500TD Heavy Duty Delta 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

A true titan of the hi hat world! If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of portability for a whole lot of durability then the Drum Workshop (also known as DW) CP5500TD could be the one for you.

This strikes you as a really chunky and durable piece of kit. It doesn’t disappoint. A professional feel and smooth playability help to make this one of the top recommendations we could give you, but is best staying in one place (most of the time at least). If you are setting this up at a venue or at home and won’t have to move it around too much, the Delta is a stand we would recommend.

DW DWCP6500UL Ultralight Stand

DW’s range doesn’t just contain super chunky drum hardware! The brand has also made this product, probably the lightest hi hat stand we’ve come across. It isn’t as sturdy as it’s bigger siblings in the range, but it still has some decent features including the folding pedal design.

This has some impressive consumer reviews in spite of its small size. If getting away with the least carrying is your aim, the DWCP6500 Ultralight could well be your answer!

Features Include:

  • Two leg base with rotating legs to set to your own preference.
  • Chain-driven with a locking clutch.
  • Tension adjustment – set it to whatever feels natural to you.
  • Clever, DW specific design folding pedal to save space.
  • Super durable. Did we mention that already?

If you’re lugging it in and out of a van every day on your own then you might want drum hardware with a little less weight. However, if this isn’t a problem for you then you will be hard-pressed to find anything with more in terms of quality and workmanship. This is built to be comfortable, natural and last for a long time.

Picking The Right Stand For You

As you can see, there are quite a few variables here. The questions you need to ask yourself to ensure that you get the right product for you and your own style are:

  1. Do I need it to be lightweight? Will I be transporting the stand on my own a lot?
  2. Is it worth paying extra for a product that is likely to last longer?
  3. Do I want a two-legged or three-legged (tripod) model? Will the stand get in the way of my other pedals?

These questions will get you a long way into making your decision. If you need more help, this great video, made by Gibraltar, is worth a watch!


This isn’t as simple a purchasing decision as you might think at first, and as you can see the rest of your kit, playing style and of course budget all come into the equation. Ultimately, as long as you don’t end up with something that is flimsy and poorly built or that gets in the way of your playing then you are doing just fine. Unfortunately, there are some pitfalls here and some hi-hat stands are not designed with the right level of care and attention. Be sure to check out the stand reviews before you make a buying decision.

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